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All passport holders other than South African passports must have a 30 day tourist visa and your passport must be valid for 6 months after leaving Mozambique. South African passport holders do not require a visa but must have their passports stamped at the border. Visas can be arranged at the border post at Komatipoort (South Africa) if travelling over-land, and at Maputo and Inhambane airports. It is however recommended that you obtain a visa at your nearest embassy well in advance to avoid any unwanted delays at immigration.


The local currency is the Mozambique "Metical" or "Meticais". SA Rand and US Dollars are also accepted at some places but usually at low exchange rates. Traveller's cheques are NOT accepted locally. There is a bank approx. 2km outside of Tofo and three banks in the town Inhambane which is approx. 20km from Tofo, these all have ATM machines and accept a wide range of international cards including VISA and MasterCard.

What should you bring:

The temperature in Tofo seldom drops below 20oC, even at night, so bring light clothes along, t-shirts, shorts and sandals. During the winter months you might need a sweatshirt or long-sleeve t-shirt. During January and February, June and July, a rain jacket/dri-mac can come in handy. Sunscreen and hats are essential as the sun is very strong, all year round, especially if you are spending lots of time out on boats! If you plan to go horse riding, remember your long pants and boots. Suntan lotion and mosquito repellent can be hard to find in Tofo so it's recommended that you bring those along with you.

Doctors and Health advice:

We recommend you take prophylaxis against malaria and take measures to avoid insect bites, take plenty sprays/lotions. There are one or two English-speaking doctors based at the main hospital in Inhambane. There are no doctors based in Tofo Beach. Inhambane hospital is basic but can assist in most cases. The hospital is located on the road out of Inhambane (heading back towards the EN1), along the harbour front on the left hand side of the road. Ask to speak to one of the English-speaking doctors. For visiting this part of the world, always carry medical holiday insurance and if in doubt, contact your insurance company for assistance if needed. There is no medical facility or pharmacy in Tofo, only in Inhambane.


Head towards Inhambane pier but take the last road on the left before reaching the water-front. The pharmacy is located on the left opposite BIM Bank. They are pretty well stocked and can offer most medication and first aid materials including malaria medication, antibiotics, antiseptics and also a small selection of toiletries.

Self-Catering Supplies/ Markets:

There is a small market and shop very close to the beach-front on the main entry road to Tofo Beach. There you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables, bread, bottled water, soft drinks and beer, tinned goods, cereals and so on. Prices are a lot higher than in Inhambane so if possible, stock up in Inhambane and use the local market for emergency items only. You can also find fresh fish here at certain times of the day when the fishermen bring their catch in. On the back Tofo road there is the Bread Shack that sells fresh bread and sandwiches daily. Inhambane shops and market have most items you will need for your holiday.


There is a petrol station located 5 minutes' drive outside of Tofo that also has a shop selling basic groceries, soft drinks and beers, magazines etc. Here is also the care hire office for "Tofo Car Hire" and a shop selling interesting clothes and shoes made from local materials. Inhambane has two petrol stations selling fuel only. Avoid going into Inhambane with very little fuel in your vehicle during busy seasons as there are often very long queues and sometimes petrol is not available at all (usually awaiting a delivery from Maputo).

Car Hire:

There is car hire available - Tofo Car Hire they are based just outside of Tofo.

They offer: -

3 door Toyota Rav 4's, manual gearbox, permanent four wheel drive.
contact us should you require further details.

Local Taxis:

Local taxis, called 'Chappas', can be found outside of the small shop in Tofo and at the back of the central market in Inhambane. There are no "tourist" and "local" prices - all fares should be the same so check with other passengers to see what they are paying.

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